Student Fishing League creates fishing pond for residents of Covington Assisted Living

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) — The Student Fishing League has created a unique opportunity for assisted residents.

SFL worked in conjunction with Covington Assisted Living and the Eastern Palestine Fire Service. A large fishing tank has been installed to provide Covington residents with a fun day of fishing in the sun.

It started on Friday when the Student Fishing League caught all the fish in a private pond in Glenmore.

“We got the kids together and fished, we brought them here, the eastern Palestine firefighters came in and put the restraint system in place, everyone jumped in and made it happen,” said said SFL’s Harry Emmerling.

The league brought about 60 fish into the mobile tank. Covington provided food and water balloons at the event.

“They do so much better when they’re outside and not just sitting in their bedroom,” said Covington Activities Director Megan Carl.

Carl said residents were excited to get out for more activities.

“With COVID it’s been tough, but we tried really hard last week, we took a group to see Lynard Skynard at the Covelli Center,” Carl said.

The Student Fishing League started this in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, to give senior citizens a chance to experience fishing.

Emmerling said he wanted to give people those chances because his father was in assisted care.

“You know, maybe he didn’t get the chance to do that, it must bring back some good memories for him,” Emmerling said.

Covington Nursing and Assisted Living is grateful for all the help it has received to make this event possible. They plan to start over.

Robert A. Glidden