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How to make money transfers? The newly developed systems of banks, combined with efforts to keep up with the digital age, bring many features that will make our lives easier. One of them can be shown as GoodBank, or Pocket Transfer.

Although it is a laborious task to transfer money to someone who did not have a bank account before, you can now transfer money to someone who does not have a bank account through the Pocket Transfer method.

Moreover, the information you will need is the phone number of the person to whom the money will be sent. Thanks to GoodBank, we don’t have a bank account. What is Pocket Money Transfer? How to make a wire transfer?

What is Pocket Money Transfer?

What is Pocket Money Transfer?

Pocket Money Transfer, also known as GoodBank, is a money transfer transaction carried out over electronic media. When looking at the overall bank providing services in Turkey appears to be made of the mobile remittance transactions. In order to make a money transfer in this way, it is enough that your bank uses the money transfer system!

Your bank may request a small amount of commissions from you during the money transfer transactions, also called GoodBank. On average, this amount is around 2-3 TL. Some inexpensive banking systems do not charge any fees for money transfer transactions.

Banks that do not charge EFT and Wire Transfer Fee

For example; Bank mobile phone number of the person you will send money along with the TC ID number is required, TEB bank only the person’s mobile number is enough to write. As we said, these transactions may vary from bank to bank. In order to obtain this information, you can look at the information requested during the transaction, you can query on the official internet sites.

Although the money transfer method is not known to everyone, it is a very convenient method of transferring money. Even if the other party has a bank account, you can use the wire transfer method for emergency money transfers outside the EFT hours. There are no restrictions or time zones in the wire transfer transactions.

Pocket Money Transfer

Pocket Money Transfer

First of all, the party that will send the money should be using internet banking . If he / she uses it, he / she should log in to the menu under the name of GoodBank / Pocket Transfer in the money transfers menu on internet banking . Then the bank wants to write the information (Mobile Phone, TC Identity) is required. As we have just mentioned, this information can vary from bank to bank. When you enter the Pocket Money Transfer menu, you will see the requested information.

You can send minimum 20 TL and maximum 1000 TL to the other party. These amounts are the limits that can be withdrawn from the ATM without a card. It is not possible to trade above these limits. However, you can process 2 times as 1000 + 1000 TL piece by piece, and you can make shooting with 2 different reference numbers. Since the daily delivery limits may vary from bank to bank, you can get detailed information by calling customer service.

Once GoodBank has completed the sending process, an SMS goes to the other party’s mobile phone number. In this SMS, you have money transfer from “Name Surname. Reference or Password: xxxxxx ”. When you enter the cardless withdrawal menu in front of the ATM, the ATM will ask us to enter the amount sent and this password. Of course he can also ask for the other party’s mobile number. This process may vary from bank to bank.

How Much Are Your Pocket Money Transfer Limits?

How Much Are Your Pocket Money Transfer Limits?

Although this amount varies from bank to bank, the average limit is shown as TL 1,000. In our research, although banks have set the upper limit of TL 1,000 as a remittance, this amount may also vary from customer to customer.

You should contact your bank for more consistent transfer transactions and learn your personal limits. When transferring money, we should carefully follow the warnings and learn the amount we can send at one time. We should not forget that money transfer will not take place for figures outside this amount.

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