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The APR looks like a complicated cipher but hides a fairly simple calculation that will reveal how much you will overpay the loan. Whether loans from a bank or a private entity, all loans are a service. They give you an amount that you are unable to draw from your own financial reserves. You don’t have to wait until you can save money.

Acute expenses such as buying new appliances, repairing a car or paying for services are unpleasant stress. Late payments are associated with a penalty, the amount owed will soon increase significantly by additional costs, jeopardize the user’s comfort and may damage your reputation. The loan will help you solve your sudden expenses honestly and without any complications.


Solve claims without delay!

credit loan

Always settle any serious claims immediately. Do not wait and delay the problems, because passive behavior will not solve them. The loan will give you instant cash. The current offer of banking and non-banking services represents a wide range of products that can perfectly meet availability and speed in processing.

When comparing the conditions you can orient yourself not only by the availability of the loan, but also by the amount of APR. You simply avoid the risk that the chosen option will put too much burden on your budget and the subsequent repayment will be beyond your possibilities.


Compare more options

credit loan

For example, we offer a preview of a comparison of several selected products. The APRC can be in a huge range. The loan works with a certain risk.

The provider will entrust you with finances only if he / she obtains certainty in full repayment. The looser and more accessible conditions, the greater the risk for the provider and the higher the price of the loan. Of course, some products offer more favorable solutions, others take advantage of market demand.


The table is for informational purposes only.

credit loan

The banking and non-banking sectors usually offer more products and the APRC may vary in different periods or in connection with a running campaign to attract new customers.The APRC is not the only benchmark. The price of the loan is also determined by fees.

For example, Dr. Wiston offers products that do not include processing fees, early repayment penalties, or other officially unlisted fees. Thus, when calculating the budget load, you can work with the amount of repayments without any unnecessary increase.

The relatively higher interest on the loan without fees can thus translate into a much more favorable outcome. Review the specific terms and conditions and pay attention to the interactive calculator on the Dr. Web site. Wiston. By changing the target amount, you will get real numbers in the amount of installments and their number.

With easy calculation you get a result that helps you choose the optimal loan amount that you will be able to repay with minimal burden and risk.

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