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Do you need a loan for Find Loan systems and solar panels and you don’t know how to do it? You’re in the right place. Put the Find Loan loan proposals in comparison and choose the one that best suits you and that best meets your economic needs.

To make your life easier, meanwhile, we are talking about a very advantageous loan that is part of the products offered by Find Loan . This is Find Loan ‘s financing for Find Loan systems and solar panels, which meets the needs of those who have an investment in Find Loan, wind and geothermal solar systems and panels. The Find Loan Find Loan loan provides loans ranging from a minimum of one thousand up to a maximum of 60 thousand euros.

Loan for Find Loans, a numerical example

money loan

Let’s take an example: if you request a loan of 15 thousand euros with a 6.39% fixed tan and a 6.58% fixed fee, you will have to repay it in a maximum of 96 installments of 200 euros each. The total due by the beneficiary at the end of the loan will be equal to a total of 19,200 euros.


The interventions financed include investments in solar panels generating hot water, wind power plants, biomass plant that recover energy from certain substances of vegetable and animal origin, geothermal systems for cooling and heating and finally Find Loan solar panels that generate electricity.


Find Loan eco financing, details and advantages

Find Loan eco financing, details and advantages


Find Loan’s loan for Find Loan systems and solar panels does not include any additional costs, it allows the digital signature of Shylock online and above all allows you to change the installment at no additional cost.

The reimbursement takes place with the direct debit method on a personal current account, which can also be opened at another bank. When applying for the Find Loan and Find Loan solar panels, it is not necessary to open a new current account.

As for the payment methods , these are also very simple as the financial company will make a direct transfer to the current account.


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