A Midland fisherman takes part in a professional fishing league

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – Last week the National Professional Fishing League was held in Michigan and a professional angler from Midland, Dustin Perry, competed against other anglers across the United States.

The National Professional Fishing League is only two years old, but brings people from all over the United States to put on the most weight to win.

Perry was invited for the Premier League last year and has been invited again this year.

The league gives each angler three days to bring in the heaviest fish.

Each angler has a maximum of five fish to catch each day for a total of 15 at the final weigh-in.

On the last day, the person with the most weight wins the first prize.

Perry says his first two days in the latter league were tough, but the experience is what makes him feel good.

“It was an awesome experience. I mean it was something that we had to line up with work, with family financially,” Perry said. something that is a blessing. Something we will do for years to come,”

Perry has been participating in tournament fishing since the age of five.

Her father used to take her fishing at Lake Amistad and says he has loved her ever since.

Perry was born in Iran and now resides in Midland with his wife and two children and this league gives him and his family the chance to go on a trip…

“My family loves it. When they can, they travel with me, it’s a week-long event and they get to see some cool places,” Perry said. “We have a lot of fun together. When they get to go, it’s a team unit, they work hard too,”

To participate in the fishing league, there is a $5,000 fee that each contestant pays.

Each fisherman must take his own equipment, his boat and his means of transport.

Perry says local sponsors in Midland and Odessa gave him the opportunity to compete in this league.

Perry placed 39th in the latter competition and was only half a pound away from placing one more spot to win $8,000.

He says he plans to go back and win the main prize in Ohio in September.

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Robert A. Glidden